Aqua Net Pool Safety Nets, 
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Leaf and debris Covers

To keep the pool clean and warm, there are a variety of options available.   The simplest and least expensive is the floating Bubble Cover which is trimmed to size with scissors and needs no installation.  It typically warms the water 10 degrees in season and keeps dirt and leaves out, saving chemicals and evaporation. 

Lightweight leaf covers can be used on top of the Aqua Net Pool Safety Net for support, or alone.  These are inexpensive and typically come pre-made in rectangles. 

If you are looking for something custom fitted, we have a shade-cloth leaf cover that sits on top of the Aqua Net and uses the same anchors.  This can be used seasonally, as needed.  The Leaf cover allows rainwater to go through, keeping dirt and leaves out. The pool uses less chemicals to keep clean as the dirt is not going in.  

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(800) 723-8638 

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