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Pool Covers

Pool covers are used when a homeowner wants to keep the pool clean or warm.

Pool covers come in a variety of styles - mesh pool covers, vinyl pool covers, or floating bubble pool covers. Some are designed for swimming pool safety, and others are not.

Some pool covers are designed for winterizing pools in climates where it snows. Because of the solid surface, a child can easily go out to the middle of the pool.

In non-porous vinyl covers, water can collect on top of the cover presenting a drowning hazard.

In porous mesh covers that allow the rainwater through, when a child reaches the center, the cover could sag with the weight of the child allowing water to come on top of the cover - providing an unsafe situation.

The covers that look like a trampoline would encourage a child to jump on it, causing possible water pools on top of the cover and premature wear.

Pool covers have been used for many years, but as pools have become more interesting in design, there are limited situations where it is feasible to use automatic pool covers, and manual pool covers are not as easy to use as the pool safety net or the removable mesh pool fence. Pool safety covers can be quite expensive, and some installations need to be coordinated with the building of the swimming pool.

Where safety is the issue, homeowners prefer the combination of the Aqua Net pool safety net and the bubble cover together which provides an affordable, versatile solution which keeps the pool safe, clean, and warm.


Floating bubble covers, or solar blankets, are not a pool safety cover in itself, but used in conjunction with the Aqua Net, you get the best of both worlds.

They can be used together or separately.

The bubble pool cover raises the water temperature by up to 10 degrees giving you an extended swimming season and possibly lowering your heating bill. It helps to keep most dirt and debris out of the pool, saving on cleaning time and chemicals. It stops water evaporation, and saves up to 70% of chemicals.

The bubble cover is inexpensive, typically costing less than a few hundred dollars, and is trimmed to the shape of the pool with scissors. There is no drilling into the deck. The bubble cover has a warranty of five years. A storage roller the width of the pool is available, and this can be used to roll the Aqua Net and the bubble cover together.

The bubble cover provides no safety at all, but used together with the Aqua Net there is a high level of safety provided, but is not a substitute for adult supervision. 

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