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Removable Pool Fencing

Removable mesh pool fences are a very popular choice of parents for pool protection due the convenient access to the pool. An advantage of this type of protection is that you can keep toddlers out of the pool while teenagers are swimming. The transparent mesh of the pool safety fence allows a clear view of the water, which is essential for safety. The pool fence is totally removable, is rust-proof and never needs painting. It has been relied on by parents for several decades to keep their families safe around residential swimming pools.

Aqua Net is the dealer for Southern California Pool Barrier™. We researched all the companies that manufacture the removable fencing and chose Pool Barrier because of the professional way the company is managed, the superior design by engineers and architects, and a top-quality product backed by a lifetime warranty.


How does it work?
Our removable mesh safety fence was developed by architects and engineers. Reinforced aluminum poles that are 1" in diameter support the tough Textilene mesh fabric. The swimming pool fence sits in holes in the deck lined with a plastic sleeve. This type of pool safety fence operates under tension, which prevents it being taken out of the ground by a young child. It can be fitted to pools with multi level steps and dirt planters. The fence does not have to take straight lines; it can be installed on a curve.

Convenient access
The biggest advantage of this removable mesh pool fence is that it allows easy and convenient access to the pool. You can control who uses the pool by having older kids swim at the same time as having the younger kids out of the pool. A removable, self-closing, self-latching gate that locks with a key allows for easy access to the pool area, which is appreciated by those who frequently swim.

Climb resistant
This removable mesh pool fence is more popular than other styles of fencing used for swimming pools such as wrought iron pool fences, wood pool fences, and vinyl pool fences because it has a soft top which makes it difficult for a child to climb over. There are no footholds or handholds to aid a child climbing, making the mesh swimming pool fence ideal for this application.

The Pool Barrier pool safety fence has transparent mesh which is essential when it comes to child pool safety. The Textilene mesh is a premium material that will not rot, fade, tear or mildew.

One of this product's most popular features is that it is totally removable. It takes minutes to remove and rolls up for compact storage. The self-closing, self-latching gate is also removable, and color matched caps are provided for the deck sleeves so that you don't catch your toe or so that dirt does not collect in the deck sleeves.


Aqua Net offers unique color coding so that when it is time for your fence to go back up, it goes in quickly and easily.

Factory training by the owner and years of installation experience ensure that you get a professionally installed removable pool safety fence. We place a high value on aesthetics, and deliver a great looking product. Our installers are capable of handling challenging jobs, like multi-level walls, concrete footers for dirt areas, custom panels, etc.

[pic of m/l wall and custom panel ]

We use a diamond core drill to create precision holes in the deck, and then our flush fitting, non-conductive sleeves made of space age polymers are inserted to meet the electrical code. The ribbed design of these sleeves provides a superior fit. Sections of mesh pool fence are inserted into the sleeves in the deck, and then safety latched together under tension. These sections can be color coded for ease of refitting.

The premium materials used meet or exceed ASTM standards for pool safety. The Tri-core design of the poles was developed by engineers, and the poles are powder coated using an environmentally friendly system. All components are color matched - trim, screws and binding. This removable pool fence will never need painting, and will not rust. The product is designed to withstand continual outdoor use.

Colors and Heights
The removable pool safety fence comes in heights of 4 feet or 5 feet. 4 foot is the most popular choice and is the minimum height recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and 5 foot meets the safety code.

[miniature blocks of mesh color or pics of installations in different colors]

Colors offered are black, chocolate brown, hunter green and tan. Black is the most popular color because it is the most see-through, brown is a current favorite that blends with patio furniture, green is used where the backdrop is a hedge or golf course, and tan is a popular color too. 

Life Expectancy / Warranty
The swimming pool safety fence is designed to provide many years of protection. It is covered by a lifetime warranty to the original owner for as long as he owns the fence.


The tough and durable components used provide a quality product that is backed by an outstanding warranty. The Textilene mesh resists tearing, fading, mildew and soiling. The marine grade aluminum poles with the Tri-core reinforcement from top to bottom provide added strength and rigidity.

Inspector / Agency requirements
The removable pool safety fence has been used by building inspectors for new construction, and by foster, adoption and daycare agencies to satisfy their governmental or social service requirements. Typically, a 4 or 5 foot height is required with a self-closing, self-latching gate that opens away from the pool. The product meets both the ASTM and the California Health and Safety Code. Check with your local official who will help you determine suitability of our products for your needs.

The removable pool fence provides a high level of safety, but is not a substitute for adult supervision. 

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